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How to Care for Dehydrated Skin

How to Care for Dehydrated Skin

Whatever period of your life you find yourself in, dehydrated skin can arise in varying cases. You may be in your 20s and not drinking enough water. Or approaching the menopause and witnessing excessive dryness for the very first time. No matter where you’re at, we have your back... Let’s begin with the fundamentals of nature: Ayurveda is found upon the 5 universal elements of earth, wind, fire, water and ether. These elements are sub-categorized into what are known as ‘doshas’. ‘Vata’ is a dosha that represents the ether and air elements.

So how does ‘Vata’ relate to dehydrated skin?

As the winds pick up in Autumn and the temperature finally cools. The sudden change and shedding of leaves and blustery weather provokes a deep need for grounding and cultivating earthy qualities. The fiery months of Pitta season (Summer) move hastily to Vata season (Autumn) without rhyme, reason or warning. The sudden temperature change sees us quickly interchanging between air conditioned office spaces to overheated public transport and homes ignited with excessive central heating. This is why our Radiance Range consists of naturally warming root ingredients such as Turmeric, which will help balance any unsettled emotions and sudden dryness caused by artificial temperature devices.

Why Do you get Dehydrated Skin?

So now we have established some of the reasons one may experience dehydrated skin, let’s look at how we can soothe, soften and satisfy dry and flakey complexions…
  1. Look for formulations containing fruit enzymes, such as our Radiance Facial Polish, which if left to soak into the skin after a gentle scrub (another flaky skin must- gentle exfoliation) will encourage key actives such as Papaya and Orange to replenish pores and balance skin tone.
  2. Understand the power of Turmeric. Indeed, this sacred root herb has become something of a Western millennial go-to for latte flavourings. People still use it in the traditional Indian ceremony of ‘Haldi’. People paste turmeric powder on the wedding party prior the day before the wedding ceremony as a way of cultivating glowing skin and enhancing inner radiance. This is one of the reasons why we use Turmeric as a key ingredient in our Radiance Range. Dry and dehydrated skin often feels a little lacklustre and dull. We advise you use a product that provides a natural glow. Due to a build-up of dry skin cells.
  3. Why just stop at a Day/ Night Cream? If you’re really feeling like your skin needs that bit extra, try incorporating a facial oil into your evening routine and let it soak into the skin overnight. Our Radiance Facial Oil easily penetrates the pores and contains organic Jojoba, known to deeply replenish and restore moisture.