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How to Create Grounding Rituals

Create Your Own Grounding Rituals

Right now, we could all do with more grounding rituals in our lives. As the ground beneath us shakes and we stumble through a virtual world of zoom calls, online workouts and pending employment. It’s never been more apparent that we don’t need a routine, we need grounding rituals… Recently, we have been paying particular attention to this idea of ‘ritual over routine’ – but what does it really mean? Well, instead of mechanically and unconsciously slapping on your body lotions whilst you have one eye on the clock. Try taking a moment (and we mean a real moment) to switch off, connect and turn your rushed everyday routine into a conscious ritual. By adopting various rituals in your life, feeling grounded will become an everyday norm.

Here’s a few things you can do to get you started when creating grounding rituals:


Rather than apply your body lotion in stark overhead bathroom fluorescents, try lighting a candle (or a few) to set an ambient glow and ignite your routine with the softness of a ritual!

Use your senses

How many times have you completed your daily skincare routine, only to realise that you can't remember any of it- you completely spaced out thinking about the day ahead! Next time you do your daily cleansing, take a moment to look at how it glides over your skin, feel it's texture and smell subtle aromatherapeutic notes of Sandalwood or Tea Tree and allow them to soothe or uplift your mood!

Know your Doshas

Stay connected to your inner self and balance yourself care routine with a harmonious dosha specific ritual!


Whether its scattering rose petals in your bath or laying out your crystals whilst you practice your beauty routine. Decorating the space in which you pamper yourself is key to turning your routine into a ritual.


Probably one of the most fundamental tips for turning your routine into a ritual- spend more time on your application of products! Even if it's only 5 minutes, try buffing your facial polish around your pores gently and slowly...maybe even leave it on for 10 minutes as a face mask before washing off.

Acknowledge how you’re feeling

Ayurveda teaches us to look inward and contemplate how we're reacting to our environment. Before commencing yourself care routine, write down how you feel and notice what it is that you really need. For example, if you're feeling sluggish, maybe a minty and uplifting product would be more beneficial. Alternatively, if you're a little stressed, then maybe you need to be enveloped in a deep aroma of Sandalwood and Lavender.

Notice the small things

This isn't just about picking up on the intricately formulated scents of our Facial Oils or stopping to take a look at your freshly glowing complexion- this is about gratitude. Take a moment to think about what your body has done for you that day or where it’s going to take you. We’re so passionate about the power of rituals that we developed products - such as our Dry Body Brush to bring you the Ayurvedic practice of Garshana (dry brushing) and, of course, our newly launched Body Oils that can be used as part of the ancient practice of Abhyanga (self-massage). So, how can we stay grounded amidst chaos? Choose conscious self-care and celebrate the grounding rituals that carried generations before us through the hardest of times…