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Holistic Healing: Coughs & Colds

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Holistic Healing for Coughs and Colds

This time of year can be the barer of common coughs and colds and there is nothing worse than falling victim. Our energy levels completely dip, our head feels heavy and we can feel the blocked nose set in overnight. We then dose ourselves up and leave the house with a copious amount of tissues. Have you ever tried reaching for holistic remedies over paracetamol and medicine? Often, the ingredients that are in our very own kitchen cupboards can be used to create a concoction of natural toxin-fighting goodness. This cocktail can boost your immune system and shake off that nasty cold. Beyond what we put inside our bodies, leading a holistic life will have its benefits when illness strikes. Here are some top Ayurvedic healing rituals that will clear the sinuses as well as the mind and ultimately restore good health and balance in your life.

Ayurveda Holistic Healing

  • Ayurveda has been using three powerful ingredients for thousands of years: Honey, Lemon and Ginger. They all contain immune boosting properties and when combined together become even more strengthening. The lemons not only detoxify the liver but this in turn promotes a healthy digestive system ridding the body from toxins along the way. Ginger is used to reduce feelings of nausea and increase the lost appetite. Ginger increases your nutrient absorption. Honey fights off respiratory infections. As it is packed full of antioxidants. This simple, sweet hot drink will soothe sore throats and envelope the immune system with healthy healing goodness.

Keep Hydrated

  • Keep hydrated is often the number one piece of advice we hear when we are ill and this is absolutely true, however what we don’t get told is drink hot water over cold water. Regardless if we are ill, hot water is easier for the body to absorb than cold water and this hydrates the mucus membranes, loosening them to be flushed out. Try sipping on hot water throughout the day and steer clear of the ice cubes.

Stay Away from Dairy

  • As tempting as reaching for the tub of ice cream is when we aren’t feeling our best, eating Kapha related foods such as ice cream, yoghurt, avocado and bananas will be challenging to digest and increase that Kapha imbalance. Opting for lighter meals such as light broths and vegetable soups will be internally warming and healing and also gentle on the digestive system whilst still ensuring you are getting your 5 a day.

Salt Yourself

  • Salt can prove extremely beneficial at clearing the airways. Whilst salt caves would be the best option. Realistically speaking, simply gargling on some salt water in the comfort of your own home will loosen the mucus. It also cleanses the dirty bacteria at the back of your mouth. Reducing the swallowing of toxins into your body.

Take a Bath

  • Bathing in the evening has its many benefits. From regulating blood pressure to winding down the mind in preparation for rest. Enhance your relaxation time with our Soothing Body Wash and Soothing Body Scrub. Drawing on the natural healing and therapeutic properties of Sandalwood. This ingredient is recognised worldwide as a mental and physical relaxant. Take deep breaths and inhale the earthy, spa-inducing scent whilst gently cleansing and buffing away dead skin cells. Follow this evening ritual with the Soothing Body Lotion and let the warming fragrance drift you off into a deep sleep as soon as your head touches the pillow.
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