IMage of Urban Veda Ayurvedic Mature Skincare

Caring for Mature Skin

Mature skin can feel the change in seasons hardest, unfortunately. As a person ages, their collagen levels decrease. Collagen is a protein found in the body that gives your skin the ‘plump’, smooth feeling. When your collagen levels decrease, your skin can appear sallower. And the lack of elasticity gives it the ‘sagging’ appearance associated with wrinkles. Due to this gradual loss of collagen, mature skin is often thinner. And as such it requires a little extra TLC throughout the year but particularly around the colder months to make it soft and firm. Because of this, mature skin often feels the change in temperature more so than its younger counterparts. During Autumn and Winter, this is especially prevalent. Taking good care of your skin - in both the morning to prepare for the chillier temperatures, and in the evening to repair any damage the elements have caused - is extremely important for mature skin. Read on for your perfect morning and night-time routines.

Mature Skin in the morning…

In the morning, your skincare routine is simplest. Due to the cell rejuvenation that happens overnight. But, you still need to cleanse away the oils and sweat that are produced while sleeping. A good morning cleanse awakens the skin and prepares it for the skincare steps ahead. It also refreshes the mind and body after an evening of sleep! You should use a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils, as this can make mature skin appear drier and more tired. Opt for something full of natural ingredients and omega-rich bio oils, such as the Daily Reviving Face Wash. Simply apply to the face while damp, massage for a few moments, and wash off with a warm muslin cloth. Follow this up with a sweep of toner to close open pores, creating a barrier so that the elements can’t wreak havoc on your skin during your busy day ahead. It’s vital for mature skin to use a hydrating toner to lock in moisture for that ‘plump’ feeling. Opt for our vitamin and antioxidant rich Reviving Hydrating Toner to improve elasticity and restore suppleness. Finish your morning routine up with a light layer of day cream. The ideal day cream is deeply hydrating, but also light enough that it won’t cause congestion or clogged pores. Day cream creates the final barrier against the elements, and ‘seals in’ all the goodness you have just applied to your face. Try the Reviving Day Cream, which counteracts damage done by free radicals while supporting skin hydration and renewal. After this final step, you’re good to go!

In the evening…

In the evening, your skincare routine is similar to that in the morning, but with a few extra, added steps. This is to help repair any damage that your skin has faced during the day, and to prepare it for the cell regeneration that happens overnight. Start by cleansing and toning your face as you did in the morning, to remove makeup, dirt and oil. Double cleanse in the evening to ensure your face is completely clean. While it is still damp, take a 20p size of Reviving Exfoliating Facial Polish and massage gently in circular motions onto your face and neck. This facial exfoliator is particularly good for mature skin as it is micro-bead free and is enriched with hydrating rose damask, so that it won’t dry out the skin. Then, follow this up with the lightweight yet fully absorbing Reviving Renewal Night Cream which is full of hydrating flower waters, essential fatty acids and omega-rich bio oils to soothe and rejuvenate skin overnight. Finally, finish your nighttime routine up with a facial oil. Your facial oil should be applied after all your creams and lotions, as it ‘seals in’ all the good work and hydration you have just applied. Facial oils are best applied at night as this is when your sebum secretion (natural oils) level is at its lowest. Our Reviving Facial Oil is full of argan oil, hydrating rose and Indian Arjuna which naturally swells and plumps the skin, working to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep.