Tanya Mya Shah

Behind The Brand: Tanya Shah

Meet Tanya Shah...Tanya Mya Shah

Name: Tanya Mya Shah: Read on to discover more about our Brand Director, Tanya Mya Shah What is your role and what does it entail? I’m the Brand Director of lovely Urban Veda. In this role I’m lucky enough to get a really broad range of experience across the business from finding new and exciting places to launch our brand, ensuring all our customers’ needs are met, a little bit of new product development and generally making sure we’re doing the right thing by our customers. What is your dosha type? I’m an airy Vata! What is your favourite Urban Veda product? My favourite product used to be the Radiance day cream but since the launch of our facial oils, the Reviving oil has really helped me through the incredibly cold winter, I thoroughly recommend adding a little to your foundation in the morning for a really dewy look. What’s your proudest Urban Veda moment? My proudest moment is when we launched our facial oils; it was a great team effort and really showed what our brand is capable of. What’s your favourite skincare tip? Hmmm... well apart from the oil one, it’s probably to always cleanse, tone & moisturise before bed each day. It’s a simple one that we all know but we’re sometimes too tired to do. I can always see a difference in the freshness of my face in the morning when I miss this ritual out! Tell us something about you that we don’t already know... I quit a long term career in finance to follow something I really believed in - Urban Veda!