Ayurvedic Wisdom on Fitness

Regular exercise increases fitness and stamina, improves digestion and resistance to disease by promoting circulation. It is important to exercise regularly, however traditional Ayurveda states that it is more important to exercise regularly than to exercise too vigorously or strenuously. Fifteen minutes daily is better than a long, overly zealous routine three times per week. Exercise routines can quickly go from being beneficial for your health to being detrimental and even dangerous for your health and wellbeing. Don't exercise vigorously during the Winter and the Spring. You can increase your health and fitness immensely simply by walking a few minutes every day. Do not overstrain your body, breathe too heavily or sweat too much when exercising. Remember to stretch, and to enjoy a short relaxation period between exercises to regenerate your system. In the morning, between 6 and 10am is the most beneficial time to exercise, according to Ayurvedic wisdom, and should be done until you perspire or mouth-breathe. It can be beneficial to add daily meditation and yoga asanas to your routine. These two practices are paramount to overall wellness and as Ayurvedic wisdom states, can protect from stress, weight gain and promote a supple, flexible body. According to Ayurveda, different dosha types should practise different types of exercise. Vata types best suit gentle exercise and should try yoga, light jogging and walking meditation. Pitta types are best suited to moderate and non-competitive exercise and should try water-based sports including swimming and ice-skating. Kapha types are more suited to heavier exercise and can participate in more vigorous activity, such as team sports. To identify your dosha type, complete our short questionnaire!